knowing you knowing me

When do you know?
Is is when you fist catch a glimpse into your future together without a shudder
Is it when you give up the guilt you feel of being picked up on a white horse….or black benz….
When do you know that his scent is the only one you’ll let get you wild.
And that his face is the one you’ll wake up to everyday.
That he is the man you’ve chosen.
The one man you want to care for when he is old and frail.
If it’s a look in the eyes then consider me lost for I have lost my identity in more then one mans gaze and I shouldn’t like to consider that the test.
I am without a plan…
Full of unresolved action
just sitting in my path waiting.
I wait for it all to make sense
Like if I wait then the truth
That ultimate truth will somehow slap me in the face…
And say here you go young lady.
Here is the man for you
It won’t be a bed of roses every night but you will be loved by him as much as you will love him

I want that passion…
That hurt when they are far,
That bliss when you see them near

I want it all…
Add in some humour
And a few bands we like
And consider that a match made in heaven…
Just give me some gut science to prove it all…
I want to feel it.

I want a full moon on a warm night and a look that says no more then hello.
I want the intimacy in silence..
The quite knowing
of kindness and tranquility
that fury of out of control sex and warm tea in bed
all wrapped up in a firm hand shake.

I want to hold it in the palm of my hand
and know that I’m safe to loosen my grip

I want us like water

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