until i win you over

I like to pretend that
What I search for is so natural
So normal
That’s its around every corner
Like its some kind of birthright

I somehow started to believe that at some point
I will inherit this kind of happiness

I will win a lover who is polite
Who loves to laugh
Who challenges me and respects me
Who helps me but also makes me see my own strengths
Who tell me about things ive never heard of and who listens and learns from
my experiences.

I want to talk to you like every
Every day
I want your body on top of mine to feel like a second skin
I want your smell to drive me crazy
I want to fall for you and I want you to fall for me
I want us to keep on falling
Keep on falling till we forget who’s up
Forget who’s down
And just hold hands tumbling
Till we hit the floor
(Laughing )

I want you to tell me im the sweetest thing
In your life
I want you to be a rock I can cuddle with
Warm from the sun and hard like the earth

You are in my heart and mind
You are my very own
My love
You are my very own
I just wish you were a little more real
A little more clear
I wish I could count the days
until I win you over

tell me about sailboats and im yours

last night I slept on a the waters edge
and rocked to the movement of your sighs
last night I slept on your buried ledge
and pretend not to notice the lies

I wanted to make you a truth
I wanted to keep you alive

Have I forgotten to tell
You all the weakness’ you are to love me for
Have I told you
That in my dreams you appear even

Wide awake
I imagine you grow an inch
each time I think of you
I imagine you are
Feeding on my adoration
I want to see you gorging on my affection
I want to see you sitting there
Eating all my love

In my dreams you wear a large hat
Full of brilliant ideas
You share them with me
You touch me like we both exist
we talk of sailboats
And travel to far off places
you smile like it means the world
you kiss like its goodbye
In my dreams you like me back


1.In philosophy, belief that out knowledge is a knowledge of ideas and that it is impossible to know whether there really is a world of objects on which our ideas are based.

2.Acting according to one's ideals of what ought to be regardless of circumstances or of the approval or disapproval of others.


understood without being openly expressed; implied:


means that it cannot or should not be expressed in spoken words

knock off love

I want to keep it at shy courtship
I want to let it stay unspoken
The part where you find enough courage
to walk over to me
is the part were I start to fade away
Sometimes if your voice isn’t too loud
And the music just loud enough
I can drowned out our small talk
Thinking of your cute mouth opening and closing
Saying things
your beard growing in.
how rough it would feel against my cheek
Your pretty eyes shinning
Looking right into my shinning eyes
Your fingers tightly holding your beer
Fingers that could just as easily be holding my hand
Little beads of sweat on your forehead
Thinking about what you would look
like above me in bed
Who you would look like under the covers

Your attempt at leaning in closer
Only has me thinking louder
I think about all the things that could keep
my interest in you for tonight
The smell of your deodorant
The feel of your t-shirt against my arm.
Your hand is resting against the wall behind me.
How that hand could
move down and rest against my back.
How my body could
leanintoyour arms
Or how I could drown out your attempts at conversation
with the sound of your heartbeat.

Couldn’t we just skip these introductions?
Skip ahead to where we fall in love
Madly and passionately make love
Just not bother with these insignificant details
Of where you grew up
And what your childhood was like
Or your favorite bars downtown

All this time we could have been kissing
And giving in to the myth

We could have been dancing
we could have been pretending
not to notice
That our Lust was masquerading as love

Because tonight
Tonight I just want to feel it
Tonight I want something that just looks like it could be real
Give me a good imitation
Give me that knock off love