until i win you over

I like to pretend that
What I search for is so natural
So normal
That’s its around every corner
Like its some kind of birthright

I somehow started to believe that at some point
I will inherit this kind of happiness

I will win a lover who is polite
Who loves to laugh
Who challenges me and respects me
Who helps me but also makes me see my own strengths
Who tell me about things ive never heard of and who listens and learns from
my experiences.

I want to talk to you like every
Every day
I want your body on top of mine to feel like a second skin
I want your smell to drive me crazy
I want to fall for you and I want you to fall for me
I want us to keep on falling
Keep on falling till we forget who’s up
Forget who’s down
And just hold hands tumbling
Till we hit the floor
(Laughing )

I want you to tell me im the sweetest thing
In your life
I want you to be a rock I can cuddle with
Warm from the sun and hard like the earth

You are in my heart and mind
You are my very own
My love
You are my very own
I just wish you were a little more real
A little more clear
I wish I could count the days
until I win you over

1 comment:

naanaam said...

I like the poem. it feels like a fish swimming in your blood----