tell me about sailboats and im yours

last night I slept on a the waters edge
and rocked to the movement of your sighs
last night I slept on your buried ledge
and pretend not to notice the lies

I wanted to make you a truth
I wanted to keep you alive

Have I forgotten to tell
You all the weakness’ you are to love me for
Have I told you
That in my dreams you appear even

Wide awake
I imagine you grow an inch
each time I think of you
I imagine you are
Feeding on my adoration
I want to see you gorging on my affection
I want to see you sitting there
Eating all my love

In my dreams you wear a large hat
Full of brilliant ideas
You share them with me
You touch me like we both exist
we talk of sailboats
And travel to far off places
you smile like it means the world
you kiss like its goodbye
In my dreams you like me back

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