on you

You make me want to brush my teeth for an extra minute
Your smell
or lack there of
makes me want to put on lip gloss.
Every word that comes out of my mouth seems like its tumbling
and every time I try and make sense to you I feel like im blushing uncontrollably.
I have a crush on you

You make my stomach feel like its going to be sick at the sight of you’
Your voice makes all the blood rush to my face

Im afraid of saying words in case they come out sounding like
“Oh blah bkzho blah blah…yes yes…sure whatever just take off my top”

I think about your hands and how I want them on my hands
I worry about having food in my teeth
I can’t even think about raising my fork incase I miss my mouth

You make me smile like an idiot

I have a crush on you

This is agony

I have a crush on you

I feel like a dummy

I have a crush on you

Kiss me so we can be done with
This hanging tension
Call me too much
So I can get over your mystery

Tell me some dumb stories so I can tune them out

Unbutton my dress
So I can lift it up

i gotta get over it....

i got a crush on you

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