in sleep

In sleep I am yours
Yours to kiss
Yours to hold
I lay there

for your slumber head to
start your nightly songs

In sleep you lose
That little veil
That keeps you

Keeps your mouth from saying all the words
My ears long to hear

it is in sleep that you let go
Spill the beans and let me know

So i hold on just long enough
to hear you let it slip..
I heard you let it slip
just beneath the covers
I caught my breath in time to hear you say…
I heard you say…
You liked me back

You like me back
In pillow talk
On these happy sheets

You like me back

oh it so sweet
oh its so pure

Lets be life long friends
Let keep on kissing till morning

Lets go ahead
and think about
one another

From time
To time

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