just this once

Upon the invitation of your sighs
I am awaiting a moment still
Where the truth of your eyes
meets the fear of mine

it is in this vulnerable state
that it comes to be

this is where you see me
as I am
And see here i see you all the more

Im hoping you
Find it all too real to be a burden
And find it even lovelier still
Despite its beveled edge
Perhaps even for
its keyless open door

I am in this mornings after glow
worried you might notice
The effect your affection
Is having on my smile

i hold on a little longer
Attempting to save face
Just in case
You want to hurt me a little

Just in case you aren’t aware
That I have already had my share
that this
isn't THAT kind of love affair

Just a little love
this time will do
just a little
hand holding afternoon
A few kisses from here
And a few more to there

please please
and thank you
this once

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bodhi said...

'Upon the invitation of your sighs