sail away

Lets go ahead and make up a past
A past where we fell in love
With a glance
Where we could have
Runaway together
Where we could have had a chance
Or at the very least shared a dance

A past
Where when you asked me to stay
And I said I had to go
You held my hand to let me know
That this was it
This was that
Precious moment
You, the dark stranger
I , always imagined it so
That I should spend the night
With the drummer of this or that band
That I should swallow my pride and be
The groupie for a night

If I had been a bit more dramatic
And a little less romantic
I would have left too soon to let
The flow of wonder from creeping into my thoughts

But I am as I am
And I do as I do
And running away with you
Is all I ever wanted to do

I loved that you asked me for a kiss
The moment walked to the door

The second before
we never saw each other again.

your lips felt like
every kiss I ever
thought I wanted
you felt like youth
and smelled like far away

You are on your way like every..everyday.
To this place or that
To this or that land

Thinking of me on planes and trains
Thinking of me now and again

I like to imagine you
Of what will never be.
or what never was

I like to think of us thinking
One another
Simply Because
thinking is
All we have ever had between us

Some say romantic notions
Are romantic when unfulfilled

And then there are those who say…
Come take me away


dan said...

aigin, this is wonderful.
i love how you weave this and that together with effortless ease.

Chimera Crochet said...

I love this. Could I blog about some of your poems and link back to your site?

Chimera Crochet said...

I did blog in my blog and in my myspace about this poem. I really am quite fond of it!

I originally found you on flickr. I'm at

Anonymous said...

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