the you i dream about

Do you wonder if I wonder about you.
If I sit and drink tea and think about your smile
Or tell my girlfriends the funny
Little thing you said the other day
And then say oh well
It must have just been the way he said it.
If I fix my hair for 10 extra minutes
If I think I might be seeing you
Or actually wash it when I hate to
Because I might end up standing too close to you
the way I always try to.
because I want you to think
that I smell like strawberries everyday.
because that’s the memory I want to be to you
A memory because
Because I know we could never be

We could never own a gallery with high ceilings
Where we make love in the evenings
I could never read the paper in bed with you
While you pretended to be asleep
We could never just sit together quietly
We could never be
Because we would have
been by now
And the you I want
The you dream about
would never let me wonder for so long

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