i read this today

"there are two types of people."

" Those who 'love to have' and those who 'have to love' "

a change of scenery

The promise of tomorrows
on greener grass.
Across this land
Away from this feel good
Pillow bed with love at my fingertips

I carry a map with every inch
of this playground
carved inside my very skull
I know you. surprise turn
I know the cracks in your road

I know your stories
Ive heard your rhythms
I speak your words
I breathe in your fresh breath
And sing your praises with my exhales
I have climbed your peaks
And swam in your frozen streams
I am those very roots beneath my feet

I am them and
feel the tug of loveless ties
Holding me in sweet complacency

And with every step I pursue
I am held even more
Firmly at my post.
Asleep in the magic of serenity

Silently struggling for the chaos of
Those unknown
And ordinary days



1. Pursuit of or devotion to pleasure, especially to the pleasures of the senses.
2. Philosophy The ethical doctrine holding that only what is pleasant or has pleasant consequences is intrinsically good.
3. Psychology The doctrine holding that behavior is motivated by the desire for pleasure and the avoidance of pain.

1. the pursuit of pleasure as a matter of ethical principle
2. an ethical system that evaluates the pursuit of pleasure as the highest good

A little bit more

If it’s desperate I am
Then its desperate I be

Because s moment with your kiss
Is what the need may be

For its in these lonesome hours that
Your skin seems so prevalent
And its when it rains out
when i think your voice,heaven sent

And as much as its pains me to say it
its true

I’d very much rather be all wrapped up in
Your nothingness
then cooped up in my own everythings

I’d like to be held up afloat over you
Clinging to the sounds of your sighs
Instead of on this linoleum cataloging
yesterdays "why oh.. why's"

But why?
why can’t it already be
and the tomorrow after tomorrow
where we sit
Under a plum tree
And you rehearse those day dream memories
or in a café where we drink too much
till we laugh all jittery
Can't it be
over the moon
And under sea
Can't it be
Or anywhere
You and I
just are

That right there is where I left my
That’s the very spot I set down my pride
my self-restraint
and even some pretty petty vanity

oh ya that's where they all are

gift wrapped
and waiting
At your door

Hoping it would be enough
Incentive to have you
give a little more

But by now we can both see
That I give up much too much
For a wink and a smile
And that for that little bit of love
Id even be willing to wait a while…

i do hope you excuse me for being so eager
its just this heart of mine is getting ever meager

so please go ahead
and tell me how it is
Yes..do go ahead and
show me to the door
else I may become tempted

give me that little bit more

a miss

My collection is a little a miss
Since you’ve come along
I can’t seem to just give a kiss
to any ol stranger who sings the right song

Its like I think of you so much
that I can’t even think of their touch

I concentrate on some mundane thing you whispered to me
Before I even have a chance to contemplate their…umm symmetry

I forget how to bat my lashes for a little attention
And instead think of every dumb little thing you mention

So… I start to lose myself in your gaze
which can become something of.. a worry
Since every time that’s happened before
they just happen to go ahead and scurry

But here I am once again
Laying in pieces and sections
Letting my minds time be taken by your
Tiny dealings of calculated affections

And here I am hooked once again believing
In All the old lines
Looking for some hidden meaning
Actually looking for subtle signs

The longer you withhold the love
The sweeter the outcome to be
But the risk involved may also become
That thirst unquenched leave me looking to sea

Here I am once again hungry for more
Knowing full well of what is to be in store

Call me a glutton
Call me a love seeker
Just make sure to call me mister
Or may become even meeker

But there is still one thing
That seems to me a miss
One thing that isn’t solved by
Your tender healing kiss

If It is my strength and prowess
You find so intriguing
Then does it seem like breaking it
Down is what you are really seeking?

frown upside down

my quiet poesie
my true as true can be
about you
about me

why then is this heavy anvil
of indulgent self pity pulling
pulling it away from me

locked up locked in
with this open heart
looking here and there
to make that teeny tiny start

I hold still to this melancholy
wishing for a little shake
not a droned bosom buddy

i am now
willing you at my fingertips
afloat a top my bursting head

but you are still
tucked away behind the achy parts
digging away to make your mark

here is a chance to make it sing
a chance a chance to make you dance

a chance for dare i say.
dare i say romance

so let me not dream away these magic hours

affixed comfortably in my dismay
while outside the sun shines away
and hours of love sit right beside me
come by and make me..make me finally say

that i do indeed feign interest in lonesome hours
and make up the ailments for my lull
and always leave till tomorrow
the actual picking of flowers

and schedule today for the grieving of nothing
in particular

sorry will never do
chagrin not quite satisfied
just cut
these ties to boredom's beauty
and share with me
share with me