frown upside down

my quiet poesie
my true as true can be
about you
about me

why then is this heavy anvil
of indulgent self pity pulling
pulling it away from me

locked up locked in
with this open heart
looking here and there
to make that teeny tiny start

I hold still to this melancholy
wishing for a little shake
not a droned bosom buddy

i am now
willing you at my fingertips
afloat a top my bursting head

but you are still
tucked away behind the achy parts
digging away to make your mark

here is a chance to make it sing
a chance a chance to make you dance

a chance for dare i say.
dare i say romance

so let me not dream away these magic hours

affixed comfortably in my dismay
while outside the sun shines away
and hours of love sit right beside me
come by and make me..make me finally say

that i do indeed feign interest in lonesome hours
and make up the ailments for my lull
and always leave till tomorrow
the actual picking of flowers

and schedule today for the grieving of nothing
in particular

sorry will never do
chagrin not quite satisfied
just cut
these ties to boredom's beauty
and share with me
share with me


dan said...

"afloat a top my bursting head"

what a great line!

ps - you do not suck at writing, your writing is the opposite of suck.

Noah said...

I like it, thanks.