A little bit more

If it’s desperate I am
Then its desperate I be

Because s moment with your kiss
Is what the need may be

For its in these lonesome hours that
Your skin seems so prevalent
And its when it rains out
when i think your voice,heaven sent

And as much as its pains me to say it
its true

I’d very much rather be all wrapped up in
Your nothingness
then cooped up in my own everythings

I’d like to be held up afloat over you
Clinging to the sounds of your sighs
Instead of on this linoleum cataloging
yesterdays "why oh.. why's"

But why?
why can’t it already be
and the tomorrow after tomorrow
where we sit
Under a plum tree
And you rehearse those day dream memories
or in a café where we drink too much
till we laugh all jittery
Can't it be
over the moon
And under sea
Can't it be
Or anywhere
You and I
just are

That right there is where I left my
That’s the very spot I set down my pride
my self-restraint
and even some pretty petty vanity

oh ya that's where they all are

gift wrapped
and waiting
At your door

Hoping it would be enough
Incentive to have you
give a little more

But by now we can both see
That I give up much too much
For a wink and a smile
And that for that little bit of love
Id even be willing to wait a while…

i do hope you excuse me for being so eager
its just this heart of mine is getting ever meager

so please go ahead
and tell me how it is
Yes..do go ahead and
show me to the door
else I may become tempted

give me that little bit more


dan said...

funny, i had the best plum today. it was red and from california.

Anonymous said...