a miss

My collection is a little a miss
Since you’ve come along
I can’t seem to just give a kiss
to any ol stranger who sings the right song

Its like I think of you so much
that I can’t even think of their touch

I concentrate on some mundane thing you whispered to me
Before I even have a chance to contemplate their…umm symmetry

I forget how to bat my lashes for a little attention
And instead think of every dumb little thing you mention

So… I start to lose myself in your gaze
which can become something of.. a worry
Since every time that’s happened before
they just happen to go ahead and scurry

But here I am once again
Laying in pieces and sections
Letting my minds time be taken by your
Tiny dealings of calculated affections

And here I am hooked once again believing
In All the old lines
Looking for some hidden meaning
Actually looking for subtle signs

The longer you withhold the love
The sweeter the outcome to be
But the risk involved may also become
That thirst unquenched leave me looking to sea

Here I am once again hungry for more
Knowing full well of what is to be in store

Call me a glutton
Call me a love seeker
Just make sure to call me mister
Or may become even meeker

But there is still one thing
That seems to me a miss
One thing that isn’t solved by
Your tender healing kiss

If It is my strength and prowess
You find so intriguing
Then does it seem like breaking it
Down is what you are really seeking?

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