change clothes

Wear me high on your sleeve
Tuck me into your jeans
Button me to your lapel
And let me hang on your collar
So that I may
get a chance to
see it
the way you see it
and get a better look
at your point
of view
because I really do want to come around
to seeing all the loveliness
you mentioned the other day

read me like a picture book

If I told you that ever since that time we met
I had to concentrate
On not to repeating your name
(Your name)
Over and over
And over in my head
(your name)
In different fonts
In various accents
(your name)
Over and over in my head

And if I told you
I felt myself begin to miss you
Before you even walked away?

I told you that much
Would you play fair is fair and
how much you enjoyed
hearing it?

the satisfaction
of knowing
the affect you had
on me?

Id look to see if
You could preserve
enough modesty
To keep on wanting me
Inspite of
Premature confessions
And forgive the possibility
Of an axe
to the last leg of
our chasing

if you do me this
then I will try and
restrain my usual
Turning every single man
Into the same molded clay

Of every man ive ever tried to love
Of every man I ve ever lay dreaming of

Step by step
An early apology for things I may do in the future.
(inspired by Akon)

Trading in all the lovely words for
personal memories
securing your hand as
My liberty
taking all our inside
jokes to keep
on my mantle piece
gathering up all your love
like keepsake souvenirs

There's also the possibility
Of hording all your affection
to turn into kitsch
and hogging all your devotion
like a badge I can stitch

I‘ll catch myself
Pursuing your gaze with
Increased determination
I’ll just go ahead
and take it all
for my own
Greedy salvation

I’d even go so far
As to keep you in my pocket

And thats when
You'll be surprised
To find that
even after we've tally up
to reveal my guaranteed victory
finding me still standing there
with ever more gluttony

These habits
I cant exactly be proud of
But I still sheepishly wonder if
Confessions can somehow
Outweigh the crime?

So now with the decks
On the table
Laid out in a row
I find myself
bold enough
to brazenly declare
my love

Everything you hear is

I do
I do indeed
the likes of you

You do it for the fans

Im taking a creative writing course.
I am now warning all my fans...yes all 3 of you..that its about to get creative.

left..............for the right

I want to eat all the words between us
To fill the void you nudged yourself
into and widened with your absence