tear sheet

Because you are all I need
Because I would be willing to compile
All my hours all my days
Fold them up in a box with your name
Neatly engraved on the lid

Because I give it all away
In the hopes that you’ll share it with me
Because its mine to give

I have turned this past year
a whitish pulp
of milky blankness
Flattened by my own
Lonesome hours

I have turned this past year
a blanket of nothing
muffling the memories
of everything else
that ever was
before there was you

I cannot hear the sound of
Any voice but yours
I cannot speak of any name but yours

I will lie in store a few days more
Awaiting your touch
To crumple, crease or cut
Or sweat into rivets
a few more drops of your self

Maybe in a little while
Once night has finished falling
You’ll arrange the words you plucked from trees
upon my unmarked skin
Those lovely words
seeped in sun kissed sap

That way you say
I'll know of your days and night

You’ll speak deliberately in long winded prose
I'll let you Lullaby me further
and further
To love

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