There are times

when your skin and my skin
are so close its like they
want to breath together

from time to time
we succumb
to these moments of short sighted melding
of apparent company
of togetherness...

this makes
the reality of imminent solitude
that much harder to live inside of

until at last the day comes
when our arms tell of far off
while we exhale every pore
and stand, out of breath,
exhausted and weary from the possibility
of ever more
ever mores

I have walked hand in hand
in hand in hand
in soft hand in upper hand in rough hand
in backhand,left hand, right hand
in warm hand and in off hand
along side men
men who's names escape me now
who's bodies once felt like my own
My own heavy burden of redeeming qualities
My shell of depreciating antiquity

I have walked along side such men
wishing you were real enough to stop
the senseless
search of bus stops and restaurants
the exploration every strangers gaze
in the hopes of one day meeting yours


dan said...

miss larki, this is beautiful.

kendall said...

i love this aigin, i fell right into it.