paper tiger

You're every page on my desk
every long punishing sentence
I play the passing thought
fitting myself in between "feed the dog"
and "world events"

a typo
in your on goings
a giant spoon
stirring a scripted text
a hiccup
in your day to day

You are
every book on the shelf
ya pretty much every thing ever written
the smooth of the leather in my hand
the letters in my hand
the chalky paper on dry skin

you're even the breeze
offered by page
meeting page
meeting page

You are the cross on every T
the dot on i's
the tail on g's
the arc on e's
and the roll in r's

I speak your verbs like songs by heart
lips curled round your nouns
dancing to the beat of your similes
tapping my feet to metaphors
swooning for your adjectives

you keep this up
keep my interest
it even starts to feel
like years sqeezed into the hands of minutes
mi-nute min-ute hands

time and time
I stop to lie
in blankets sewn edge to edge
with the words you left behind

Nights pass
forever,still here
but i am still
wide awake
tossing and turning syllables like stones
hoping they might have been left for me

here i wait
speechless and jaw to the floor hungry
for your mouth


who's voice is echoing inside my belly
why is it leaning against the wall
like a cool kid butting out a smoke
why is it here at all
intimidating me with its swagger
and laissez faire flare

I wish now that my belly had sunglasses it could
slyly look away
and pretend to not give a care

You should be like the air around me
or not at all
its no use having you
so far away
opening and closing doors that im on neither side of

instead it would be nice
if you were reading or drawing or singing in the kitchen

instead it would be nice
if you hadn't made me love you at all

Because then I'd be out with my girlfriends
leaning against walls
handling cocktails
and trying not to get kissed too soon

Not like now
in bed by 10,
smoking weed
eating popcorn
listening to cbc
and not thinking about you at all..
not even once.