oceans at your feet

had i not imagined it
thought about
dreamt of
bent fingers,
cupped hands
left hand soft againt right
holding a puddle
holding an ocean
it would be perhaps
as simple as
pressing my mouth to your wrist
leaning my head back
it would be perhaps that simple

but i want it so badly
that i wait
until i see you walk away with
oceans at your feet
walking through all of it
with fingertips
with eyes
like open salty taps

between the bars

You were the rain
like a hush
pulling my eyes to lower
and my yawns a flutter
You're voice.
still at my breast slammed against my ribs
like a caged animal
throwing itself towards the open spaces between
the bars
It was hard to know
if you wanted in.
or out.
i was always there
you were