wild oats

Out loud and
Within reach
Your words come in carrying
no more weight
than the breath
that holds them

you are the winds of change
You and i
the wind and the fury
sitting side by side and faced the other way
two feet from the paths
That lead us here

where you stitched our time
now one long afternoon

here where
you helped us find
here where
you made sense
of comforts,fleeting
the hello's,the goodbyes

we held hands
we let go

we walked to scattered seeds
we'd soon forget
to sow

red sky at morning

I only loved you for a minute
like a fever
I tore at you
Like a shipwreck
I slammed against you
Wet and furious
I held on
Your limbs
like ropes
Bruised my fingertips

far away

You are older then I'll ever be
with hands like a brand new day

your palms hold every happy thought
and your fingers let them slip
as though
they meant to let go

vagrant loved (one)

Its hard knowing that you live in so many places
that you show up in the glint
in the sparkle
of eyes and winks and smiles
And some eyes yes
that have yet to be met

Because you are infinite
I search for you while you are right beside me

A poem by hafiz

(i like to substitute the word god with love)

No More Leaving

Some point
Your relationship
With God (love)
Become like this:

Next time you meet Him in the forest
Or on a crowded city street

There won't be anymore


That is,

God (love) will climb into
Your pocket.

You will simply just take



online japanese dictionary says

Aigin = favorite poem or song, lover of poetry song

hello love

hello love?
is that you?
all dressed up
is that you?
With perfumes on
With brand new shoes
Hiding behind the crowd
Wearing a brand new face

Cloaked by fun stories
And laughs and jokes

is it really you,again?
are you really here?
Here to
Take up my time
and swallow up my heart
Here to spin me around
to lock me in a fog
here to throw away the key?

Say it isn’t true
Say you’ll go find somebody new
Say you’ve had enough of me
And that there isn’t enough left
To bother with
That im limp and all used up
that my youthful
naivety is all gone now too
little by little
With every visit
That the soft underbelly
you came looking for
Has turned to stone
its solid polished jade
Heavy and cumbersome
Hanging from my gut
Say its not worth it

Tell me you’re just passing through
Tell me you wont stay the night
Tell me you’ll spare me and
That it’s the girl next door
You were really looking for
Wrong address that’s all
What a blunder
Just a close call
No worries
Go back to bed
Tell me it’s just
A prank call, a joke
Just for a laugh
Don’t tell me that I secretly want it.
Dot tell me I was looking for you
Don’t tell me ive missed you
Don't tell me you saw me smile a little
while i was out there calling out
Hello love?
Is that really you again?

yesterdays promises of tomorrows

with every new master,
with every new prey
You are left missing the one's you have yet to know
the names that never reached your mouth,
names never said out loud
all those smells you'll never get to hold

days, weeks,months (we paused that long)
(we pause)it felt like...(pause)forever
like time had gotten so lazy
it deliberately dragged its feet
like time couldnt be asked to get on with it
like time didnt care that
it felt like forever

we tried in vain
to inhale all we could
every trace
trying to hold onto those slippery
those words that once felt so strong
they almost convinced us that they existed
we wanted to own those words
we wanted them to be ours
those lawless words
that wringed us out
those words
now left out to dry

they were in
the weight of your flesh
in your bones
they were neatly stacked
behind the corners of my heart
and now
they lie among fallen leaves
they lie among the paperhearts
they lie around getting brittle by the daylight
wearing thin with age
they lie around wherever it was
we left
those promises
of tomorrows

handsomehands spider hands


Your hands,my hands
Sewn wrist to wrist
With no need for arms
We dance like handshakes

yours to hold

If ever there was
a time when I needed
your hands
It would be now that I know
It would never do
And that there isn’t enough of you
to keep all of me
from slipping through
your arms

I am an ocean of regret and damns of forgiveness
no longer yours
To hold


You make it seem so
real that I worry about
the fall from this height

quiet clean

We are deep in warm bathwater
Listening to our ears drum calm into chaos
You braid our hair ,now entangled wet
into flapping fishtails
I ask questions
just to hear your voice
swim over to meet mine