yesterdays promises of tomorrows

with every new master,
with every new prey
You are left missing the one's you have yet to know
the names that never reached your mouth,
names never said out loud
all those smells you'll never get to hold

days, weeks,months (we paused that long)
(we pause)it felt like...(pause)forever
like time had gotten so lazy
it deliberately dragged its feet
like time couldnt be asked to get on with it
like time didnt care that
it felt like forever

we tried in vain
to inhale all we could
every trace
trying to hold onto those slippery
those words that once felt so strong
they almost convinced us that they existed
we wanted to own those words
we wanted them to be ours
those lawless words
that wringed us out
those words
now left out to dry

they were in
the weight of your flesh
in your bones
they were neatly stacked
behind the corners of my heart
and now
they lie among fallen leaves
they lie among the paperhearts
they lie around getting brittle by the daylight
wearing thin with age
they lie around wherever it was
we left
those promises
of tomorrows

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